Resin Favorites and Essentials from Amazon

Hello everyone! ❤️
Throughout my resin journey, I have received several questions and DMs about what I like to use, and where I get my materials. So here is a compiled list of my favorites that you can find from Amazon!


 Resin Essentials (MUST HAVE’s!)

Starting with the essentials that you ABSOLUTELY need before working with resin: 

You MUST use proper PPE when working with resin. Please protect yourself and invest in a respirator and filters that will protect your lungs from the fumes. Regardless of if the brand says they emit fumes or not, always use a respirator mask and work in a well ventilated area. And always use gloves when handling resin!

Pigments and Powders

These are pigments and mica powders that I love and use:


 Other Resin Materials

The following are items that I have purchased and used, and will make your resin journey much easier! 



UV Resin

My absolute favorite brand is JDiction. They’ve always cured completely and I’ve never had an issue with tackiness or fast yellowing.

You can try it out from Amazon, or you can visit their website here and use code LILY10 for % off your purchase!

Here are some other Amazon favorites that I use for UV resin:




Shaker Charm Essentials

 If you’re interested in making shaker charms, here are some things that you’ll definitely need! (And be sure to have a roll of paper on the side for any leaks that may occur when filling!)



 Resin Molds

Here are some molds that I used to start my resin journey. There are many on the market, but these are some that I have purchased and used in the past!

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