♥ What's the processing time? ♥

Premade items are ready to ship within 1-5 days

-Preorder items will take up to 2-4 weeks to make and ship. 

As always, I work my hardest to get them out well before the 4 week mark!


♥ What are some tips to promote longevity of my items? 

- Avoid long exposure to heat and sunlight

- Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and abrasive objects

- Don't leave it in hot rooms/places such as a car

- Avoid dropping or banging the shaker around. Treat it delicately ♡ 


♥ How do I clean my new creations? ♥

- Use mild soap and water to clean

- Wipe with a soft cloth to avoid scratches on the surface


♥ Materials Used ♥

- Many products are made of epoxy resin

- Liquid shakers are made with non-toxic baby oil

- Inclusions consist of a variety of glitter, clay pieces, rhinestones, micro gems, and more!


♥ Other Questions ♥

Who is Mochi? 

- my bear and mascot! :)