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Guoba Shakers - Genshin Impact Fan Art

Guoba Shakers - Genshin Impact Fan Art

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Product Details

- comes in 2 sizes:

  1. Big Size = 2 in x 2.5 in
  2. Small Size = 1.5 in x 1.75 in


- Keychain itself is 2 inches long

- Comes with a star keychain, red chili charm, and logo charm

 ♥ Badge Reels

- Sizing: 2 in x 2 in x 1.5 in wide, with the badge reel

- Badge Reels: retractable cord stretches 34 inches long

- Pick between 2 badge style options:

  1. 360 degree swivel alligator clip
  2. belt clip


- Made with real and authentic PopSockets in Off-White or Clear/Transparent

- Comes with a base, swappable top, and its original packaging

    - Notice"The PopSockets name and PopSockets trademark are the property of PopSockets LLC, registered in the U.S and other countries"

    ♥ Magnets ♥

    - Size and amount of magnet(s) will differ depending on how big the piece is

    ♥ Pins ♥

    - Amount of pins will differ depending on the size of the piece

    ♥ Notes ♥

    - Each item is handmade, so minor imperfections may exist such as micro-bubbles or dust particles.

    - Colors may slightly differ due to lighting, monitor, etc., but will generally be similar to what's pictured!
    - Made of epoxy resin; please avoid extreme heat from the sun


    ** All items are fan-made merchandise **


    ♥ Materials Used ♥

    - Many products are made with epoxy resin and UV resin

    - Liquid shakers are made with non-toxic baby oil

    - Inclusions consist of a variety of glitter, clay pieces, rhinestones, micro gems, and more!

    Shipping & Returns

    Premade items are ready to ship within 2-5 days.

    Preorder items require a 2-4 week processing time (unless noted otherwise), excluding the time in which it will take to travel and arrive to your doorstep.
    If you place multiple orders and would like to combine shipping, please email me at Excess shipping will be refunded.
    There is a no returns or exchanges policy. However, if there is a mistake or problem with your order, please contact me immediately and I will help remedy the situation.

    Care Instructions

    ♥ What are some tips to promote longevity of my items? ♥

    - Avoid long exposure to heat and sunlight

    - Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and abrasive objects

    - Don't leave it in hot rooms/places such as a car

    - For coasters, do not place hot cups and mugs on them. Cold drinks are ideal

    ♥ How do I clean my new creations? ♥

    - Use mild soap and water to clean

    - Wipe with a soft cloth to avoid scratches on the surface

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